• 07 November 2021
  • 14:00-14:30
  • Room: GLF Studio 1

From Individual to Systemic Change: What’s the Missing Link?

GLF Studio 1

This is an interview with Josephine Becker, a climate activist, movement organizer, and Ph.D. candidate. The conversation explores individual and systematic change, the responsibility for the climate crisis, the importance of sharing stories of those experiencing climate change, and the relationship between personal and systematic change.

Josephine highlights the need to address the underlying issues of the climate crisis. She emphasizes that it is not solely the responsibility of individuals but rather a result of systemic forces that have existed for centuries. She mentions the role of colonialism, industrialization, and the actions of a few significant companies in contributing to the crisis.

The conversation discusses the importance of sharing stories of those directly affected by climate change, as it helps break the narratives of historical erasure and reminds us that everyone deserves safe and thriving conditions. Josephine encourages learning from those on the front lines and supporting their calls to action.

Regarding individual and systematic change, Josephine acknowledges the value of individual actions but emphasizes that they alone cannot solve systemic issues. She argues that individual efforts should be complemented by addressing the larger systems that shape our society, such as education, politics, and economics. She calls for redistributing injustices and dismantling the systems that perpetuate them.

The conversation concludes with a discussion of the relationship between individual and systematic change. Josephine rejects the notion of an either/or approach and argues that both are necessary and should coexist. She highlights the power of community and collective action and the need for individuals to challenge their behaviors and values within the larger systems they are a part of.

Josephine also briefly discusses the podcast she co-hosts called “The Yikes Podcast,” which aims to provide educational tools and facilitate nuanced conversations on activism and social movements. She encourages young people to get involved in their communities, connect with existing groups or start their initiatives, and emphasizes that everyone’s skills and contributions are valuable in the fight against the climate crisis.

The conversation ends with a quote from Wangari Maathai emphasizing the importance of teamwork and the need for collective action to create lasting change.

Overall, The conversation highlights the interconnectedness of individual and systematic change in addressing the climate crisis and emphasizes the power of community and collective action in creating a more just and sustainable future.