• 3 June 2020
  • 10:30-12:00

Forest frontiers: accelerating forest-positive solutions for sustainable food and livelihoods

At our forests’ frontiers, where agricultural expansion is driving increasing fragmentation and deforestation, critical ecosystems are disappearing at alarming rates, compromising biodiversity as well as local communities’ livelihoods and food security. In this session, the BirdLife Partnership explores ways to secure these forests that also impact positively on local communities. Should we invest in unsustainable agricultural expansion or a forest-positive solution? This is one decision among many that will affect an entire landscape, its wildlife and communities.

Today, there is a gap between the scale of green finance and positive impact on the ground.  BirdLife International will introduce the Forest Landscape Sustainability Accelerator, which aims to close this gap.
During this session, hear from their landscape leaders whose innovative ideas are delivering forest-positive solutions for sustainable food and livelihoods. We are exploring how to secure long-term finance into key tropical landscapes that benefit nature and people. Join the conversation!