• 3 June 2020
  • 09:00-09:30

Facilitated networking (for MOBILE APP users only)


GLF Bonn 2020 may be a digital event but the screen won’t separate you from the other participants! Through these facilitated networking sessions, you can connect with people across the globe. In this 30-minute session, we will first hear a short introduction by the moderator, and then go into small, break-out ‘rooms’ where you can meet new people every five minutes! The moderator will provide you with information you can use to develop your questions,  in order to make the most of your networking time. Please note that to participate in facilitated networking, you must download the Whova app.


Take advantage of other networking opportunities.

One on One Networking:

Within the Whova app, you receive recommendations concerning network possibilities, based on your profile, and you can view other participants’ backgrounds to select with whom you want to connect.


Group Networking:

Are you interested in fostering conversations among more individuals on a specific topic? Then the Group Networking feature is what you need. It can be activated via the Community button on your dashboard, and it will allow you to:

  • Join or create a social group. You can take part in social groups already listed or participate in a social group linked to a specific session. If your topic is not listed, you can initiate your own group, by clicking “add a topic or social group”, and invite people to join.
  • If you would like to virtually meet face-to-face, then join or create a meet up! In the Meet-ups & Virtual Meets feature, you can look for active meet-ups, or suggest one yourself. To do so, just click on “Suggest a Meet” and then on “Virtual Meet”; fill out the details of the meeting (time, title, topic) and make sure to let people know about it.