• Saturday, 22 June 2019
  • 16:00-17:30 UTC+02:00
  • Room: Saal Maritim

Making climate action inclusive in forest landscapes

Saal Maritim

This session will share and discuss approaches and experiences to ensure climate policies, actions and financial instruments are inclusive, notably in terms of promoting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, as well as mainstreaming gender equality. It will focus on forested landscapes and on efforts to reduce deforestation to address the climate crisis. Representatives from indigenous peoples, as rights holders, will present their cases, which will be commented by representatives from development partners. The discussions aim at scoping the opportunities of climate policy & finance to advancing the rights of indigenous peoples, and the approaches required to harness them.


Indigenous/Community rights holders:

  • Mr. Lakpa Nuri Sherpa – Coordinator, Climate Change Monitoring & Information Network, AIPP.
  • Ms. Naw Ei Ei Min – Promotion of Indigenous and Nature Together (POINT), Myanmar; and Member of the Counsel, AIPP.
  • Mr. Felipe Rangel – Territorial Counsellor, Colombia’s National Indigenous Organisation (ONIC).
  • Mr. Lizardo Cauper – President, AIDESEP, Peru.
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Jintiach – Coordinator, International Economic Cooperation & Autonomous Indigenous Development, COICA, Ecuador.
  • Mr. Gustavo Sánchez – President of the Red MOCAF
  • Ms. Grace Balawag – Coordinator, Climate Change, Tebtebba. Indigenous Peoples’ Representative a.i., UN-REDD Executive Board.

Development partners:

  • Ms. Roselyn Adjei – Director of Climate Change, Forestry Commission, Ghana. Country Representative, UN-REDD Executive Board.
  • Ms. Nonette Royo – Executive Director, The Tenure Facility.
  • Mr. Leif John Fosse – Lead specialist on Indigenous Peoples, NICFI, Norway.
  • Ms. Celina Yong – Regional advisor (Asia/Pacific), UN-REDD.

Facilitator: Ms. Serena Fortuna (UN-REDD)
Synthesis: Mr. Josep Garí (UN-REDD)