• Sunday, 2 December 2018
  • 16:00-17:30

Side Event 7: PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet: Connecting for impact: Promoting local success stories to inform global policy targets

Bangkok 1-2

PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet is a global initiative to identify and celebrate existing local, national and regional solutions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource use, facilitate knowledge exchange, and support broader application of success stories. Solution case studies are published on an online platform, documented in a standardized format describing their replicable key modules, or “building blocks”. The solutions and their uptake are further promoted by the PANORAMA partners (GIZ, IUCN, UN Environment, GRID-Arendal, Rare and IFOAM) including through publications, webinars and workshops. To date, the web platform features currently 450 solutions submitted by around 400 individual solution providers from around 70 countries.

The initiative currently covers four global, interlinked thematic communities: Protected areas, Marine and coastal, Ecosystem-based adaptation, and Agriculture and biodiversity. A fifth theme, “Business engagement”, will be launched just before the GLF.

This side event will introduce the Ecosystem-based adaptation (led by GIZ) and Agriculture and biodiversity themes (co-led by GIZ, Rare and IFOAM-Organics International) in particular. Examples of relevant solutions from around the world will be introduced, with a number of “solution providers” being present in person, including Panduh Tukat of Fairventures Worldwide from Indonesia.

A recent publication “Solutions in Focus: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation from Mountains to Oceans – How people adapt to climate change by using nature” highlighted 30 EbA solutions, and will be distributed at the event.

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