• Saturday, 1 December 2018
  • 18:00-19:30 | Bonn time (GMT+1)

Discussion Forum 9: The Brazilian Forest Code and Sustainable Landscape Management in Brazilian Savannah

Nairobi 3-4

The session presents and discusses an innovative approach for sustainable landscape management in the Brazilian savannah involving multi-stake holder governance (federal, state and local governments, research institutions, rural technical assistance entities, farmers and traditional communities) and integrated activities of environmental regularization based on the compliance of the Brazilian Forest Law, forest restoration and implementation of practices of low-carbon agriculture.

This proposal is performed by the FIP-Landscape Project, coordinated by the Brazilian Forest Service and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Suply with technical cooperation of GIZ and funds of the World Bank. These activities are relevant for the Brazilian NDCs and link forest restoration and food production based in sustainable practices in the same watersheds. Besides several connections with the GLF, this proposal could be thought for others biomes and regions of the world.

The session will present an approach of integrated landscape management that will be developed in field until 2023, supported by the FIP-Landscape Project with financial funds of the World Bank.
The speakers will represent different sectors involved in the approach, and will include Traditional Communities (formal members of the National Commission of Traditional Peoples and Communities-CNPCT).

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