• Day 2: Wednesday, 20 December
  • 18:00-19:00
  • Room: New York

Closing plenary: The way forward

New York

Since 2013, over 25,000 stakeholders from more than 3,000 organizations and 110 countries have engaged with the GLF in person and online, with stakeholders from community and indigenous peoples’ organizations, finance, civil society, government, media and youth. The GLF Global Community of Practice is founded on four principles: connecting, sharing, learning and acting. Our vision considers people first and recognizes that people acting together drive change.

The Global Landscapes Forum is a place where local stakeholders can influence action, pathways and policies; where international organizations and the private sector can learn from other sectors; and where CEOs, community leaders, communicators and technologists can collectively act. Over the next five years, with core funding from the German government and with the support of strategic partners, the GLF will grow, enrich the discussion, reach a larger audience than ever before, and place communities at the center of the conversation.

This closing ceremony plenary session will be a space to reflect on the two days of the GLF conference and to discuss a pathway forward for implementing action towards creating sustainable landscapes. Key takeaways from the conference will be shared, along with a vision for how discussions can be transformed into action at the landscape level.