• Day 1: Tuesday, 19 December
  • Room: Nairobi 1 - 2

Transparent monitoring for climate and development goals

Measuring progress towards climate and development goals
Nairobi 1 - 2

Climate change may be widely recognised but the environmental community is still in need of a concerted ability to monitor it. With the incredible array of actors in government, civil society, the private sector, financial institutions, cities and other sub-national authorities engaged in monitoring, there is a clear opportunity to bring these parties together in a unified approach.

The session focuses in on the possibility of mobilizing organizations concerned with land use monitoring. It suggests that organizations can meet their own objectives whilst working towards common standards of transparency under the Paris Agreement.

Increasing accountability in the Paris Agreement (Forest News)

Measuring the effectiveness of subnational REDD+ initiatives: New insights into carbon monitoring methods at the local level  (Forest News)

Comparing methods for assessing the effectiveness of subnational REDD+ initiatives

Climate mitigation in agriculture and forestry: The importance of transparent monitoring

Presentations (PDFs): Hannes Böttcher PPTMartin Herold PPT