• Day 1: Tuesday, 19 December
  • Room: Wien 1 - 2

Policies on conservation and land use and development: Ensuring rights are respected and achieving sustainable development for all

Rights and equitable development
Wien 1 - 2

The capacity of Indigenous peoples to contribute rather than detract from the health of their environment has often been overlooked. They have developed profound traditional knowledge in enhancing biodiversity and food security through their traditional occupations and managements of their lands and resources. Yet their rights to their lands, territories and resources are systematically violated, and indigenous peoples continue to be marginalized, discriminated, excluded from decision-making, criminalized and penalized.

These policies   have resulted in hunger, loss of traditional knowledge and biodiversity among others. Likewise, when indigenous peoples take legitimate actions to defend their lands from exploitation, they are met with aggression.

This session will be an interactive discussion between speakers and discussants will come from different stake holders including indigenous peoples, research institutions and the scientific community, policy-makers, donors, advocates and environmentalist. on subjects ranging from linkages of rights, livelihoods, conservation to resource management systems and sustainable development.