• Day 1: Tuesday, 19 December
  • Room: Nairobi 3 - 4

Enhancing tenure security and gender equality in the context of forest landscape restoration

Rights and equitable development, Food and livelihoods, Landscape restoration
Nairobi 3 - 4

The breadth and ambition of international commitments to restore the environment often hide the failure to consult – and directly benefit – the communities who rely on the targeted landscapes. Furthermore, past initiatives have occasionally exacerbated existing social inequities. Therefore, involving local communities, institutions and interests is necessary for a sustainable environmental agenda.

By drawing on a broad range of stakeholders in an open discussion, the Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) agenda aims to fully incorporate gender-awareness and residents’ concerns.  As a general theme, the panel will seek to identify conflicts and synergies between forest restoration, tenure security and gender equality.