• 21 September 2021
  • 19:00-20:30
  • Room: Virtual Room 2 - EN

Amazonia Film Festival – Q&A 1

Virtual Room 2 - EN

Join us to kick off the Amazonia Film Festival with a collection of short and full-length non-fiction films about the region. Explore one of the most biologically- and culturally diverse places on the planet, and delve into its daily realities through the eyes of filmmakers from the Amazon and beyond. Enjoy and reflect on documentaries shot in Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, all of which will be available for streaming over the three days of the GLF Amazonía conference. Finish the day with a panel discussion featuring Brazilian filmmakers Mari Corrêa and Eryk Rocha, and Ecuadorian film collective TAWNA. Moderated by Brazilian cinematographer and journalist Lorenna Montenegro, the panel will explore, among other things, the role of perspective when creating audiovisual content about the region, and the importance of protecting the Amazon Biome. Then, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a curated series of short films hosted by environment-focused streaming platform WaterBear Network. First, Survival Revolution: The Kayapo Identity will share one Amazonian Indigenous group’s perspective on development in the region. Then, Protecting Nature for Good will tell the story of a massive, big-picture approach to conserve Brazil’s Amazon that helped define a new way to protect nature; and Beautiful News: Tatiana Espinosa will zoom in on the important conservation work of a trailblazing Peruvian forest engineer.