• 21 September 2021
  • 17:45-18:45
  • Room: Virtual Room 1 - EN

Agroecology, Archeology and Anthropology: integrating past and present to enable sustainable land uses in the Amazon of the future

Virtual Room 1 - EN

Reconciling agricultural land use for food and income with conservation needs remains one of the greatest development challenges of our time. Indigenous, traditional and peasant communities of the Amazon have practiced a balanced model of nature use and conservation for centuries, shaping and maintaining the ecological functions on which their livelihoods depend. This session will present insights from archaeological, anthropological and contemporary research on land-use practices in the Brazilian Amazon and Amazonian territories of neighboring countries. The integrated agroforestry systems and technical solutions of Amazonian communities are based on deep understanding of the synergies and interactions of plant and animal species of the forests and aquatic fauna, and hold important lessons and strategies for today’s call for a more regenerative agricultural system.