• 03 June 2021
  • 13:00-13:30

Agroforestry: An opportunity for youth and drylands

On the one hand, we have drylands. They constitute 60% of the surface of the African continent, and while some might think they do not have much agricultural potential, they can actually sustain thriving agricultural practices, including – but not limited to – agroforestry systems.

On the other hand, we have youth. Young people are dynamic and innovative; have a high uptake of technological know-how; and are passionate, perseverant, and most of all, courageous.

During this Youth Daily Show, we want to explore the opportunities that agroforestry can bring to Africa’s drylands – not only as a sustainable food system, but also as an opportunity for youth employment and the achievement of food security for present and future generations. We will hear from amazing young professionals from across the African continent, who will share their experience with, and innovations for, dryland agroforestry.

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