• 02 June 2021
  • 09:30-11:00

Global Rangeland Atlas: Focus on an important, but neglected ecosystem

To scale up dryland restoration and rehabilitation scientific-based maps and data are essential. ILRI, FAO, IUCN, ILC, UNEP and WWF have developed a set of maps using big data sets currently available, published in the Global Rangelands Atlas. The maps show that African countries are at risk from climate change and urgent actions are required. Rangelands provide many ecosystem services of vital importance for local communities. The proposed session will introduce the Global Rangelands Atlas and highlight case studies from African countries using dialogue and film. In particular we will highlight the roles of women and youth in restoring and rehabilitating drylands, sharing challenges and success stories. We will discuss how rangeland restoration and improvement of data on rangelands must be made priorities in the UN Conventions and the UN Decade, and if drylands and dryland communities are to strengthen their resilience to climate change and other stresses and shocks.