• 07 March 2023
  • 16:00-17:00
  • Room: Plenary Hall

Sustainable livestock value chain investments for rangeland restoration

Plenary Hall

More sustainable livestock value chains are required to address both mitigation and adaptation climate change concerns. A key neglected feature of this is ensuring investments in improving and restoring the productivity of the land upon which these livestock value chains depend: if this land continues to be degraded, then livestock value chains will collapse.

This session will present two investment cases from Colombia and Mongolia that have taken steps towards developing partnerships with the commercial sector, investors and value chain actors to harness finance for rangeland protection and restoration through sustainable low-emission livestock value chains.

These cases highlight the importance of a collaborative approach to such investment opportunities, bringing together producers, research organizations, NGOs, commercial sector and climate financers. The session is a collaboration between the CGIAR initiatives on Livestock and Climate and Climate Resilience, the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, Hacienda San Jose Colombia and the CGIAR Hub for Sustainable Finance.