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We are the world’s largest platform on integrated land use and nature-based solutions. Over the past 10 years, we’ve hosted some of the world’s largest environmental conferences on integrated land management, reaching nearly 3 billion people.

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The GLF Partnership includes 33 of the most influential sustainable development organizations in the world. We are here to offer our cross-sector expertise, extensive network and convening power to support your work. Read on to explore all the sponsorship opportunities on offer at GLF Africa 2024.



Your generous support will promote inclusivity for organizations and voices across Africa and the Global South. Explore our sponsorship packages and customizable options to enhance your brand’s visibility and impact, and join us in driving sustainable, locally-led change across Africa’s landscapes. Below are the available packages:



Exclusive package with top-tier visibility, participation in the event’s media seminar, speaker slot in a plenary session, plus up to six options from the customizable options list.



High-value package with significant visibility, and up to four options from the customizable options list.



Comprehensive package with valuable benefits with up to three options from the customizable list.


Conference Reception Sponsor

Investment: €20,000

Sponsor the event’s reception or coffee break (if preferred) for 500 plus in-person participants with prominent logo placement.

Restoration Leader

Investment: Custom amount

Support restoration efforts through tailored options like funding community travel, youth meetings, solidarity sessions, and Ecopreneur pitches, with special recognition. More options are described below.


Investment: €30,000

Number of available packages: 4

Thematic pavilion that can accommodate side events of up to 25 people and four exhibition spaces. Located in prime spots near our coffee break stations, these spaces will attract plenty of foot traffic and provide maximum exposure.

Art and Culture Sponsor

Investment: Custom amount

Promote cultural engagement by sponsoring activities like photo competitions, performances, workshops, and art exhibitions, with dedicated branding and recognition. More options are described below.

Please note different options from the customizable options have different values, so the number of options listed per sponsorship package is an estimation.

All sponsors will receive full recognition at the closing plenary of the event and will have prominent logo placement on materials, event platform and branding used before, during and after the event.

Customizable Options

Our packages are designed to be flexible and customizable to meet your specific goals and preferences. Here is a list of options you can include in your sponsorship package:

45-minute Session or Launchpad

  • Session Hosting:
    Host a 45-minute session on a topic of your choice, including speaker sourcing and coordination, concept planning, session recording and editing, social media promotion, and branding.
  • Launchpad for Initiatives:
    Use our platform to connect with key local and global media networks and organizations, including invitations to a tailored list of journalists and media outreach to over 6,000 media outlets.

Content Co-Production

  • GLF Social Media Ambassadors: 
    Training session for GLF Social Media Ambassadors on your priorities and success stories.
  • GLF Live Session:
    GLF Live streamed conversations with experts and practitioners, designed, moderated, and produced by the GLF’s team. Example here.
  • Think Landscape:
    Multimedia stories on the Think Landscape outreach platform highlighting your projects and initiatives. This content can include articles, animated infographics, short explainer videos, audio, and animations, and can be reused by your team on websites and social media.

More Options

  • Networking Reception Sponsorship:
    Be the official sponsor of our networking reception or coffee break.
  • High-Level Networking Sessions: 
    Organize exclusive sessions with influential thought leaders.
  • Exhibition Booth:
    Prominently placed booth to provide further details about your initiatives.
  • Logo Placement:
    Prominent logo placement on all in-person and digital conference materials and communications about the event. Past sponsors received more than 1 million impressions on their logos during and after our conferences.

Restoration Leader Sponsorship

  • Travel and Accommodation:
    Fund travel and accommodation for community members, including prominent logo placement and special recognition during the event.
  • Youth Breakfast Meeting:
    Fund and support the Youth Breakfast Meeting
  • Solidarity Session:
    Fund a solidarity session in order to empower local and grassroots organizations to contribute to the event programme
  • Ecopreneur Pitch Session:
    Fund an Ecopreneur Pitch session.

Art and Culture Sponsorship

  • Photo Competition: Fund the ‘Greening the African Horizon’ photo competition
  • Performance: Fund a music, poetry or dance performance during the event.
  • Workshops: Fund a workshop offered by a local artist. 
  • Exhibition: Fund an art exhibition.
  • Other: Fund other cultural activities during the event. 

To become a sponsor or learn more about our sponsorship packages, please contact Marina at m.brunale@cifor-icraf.org. Let’s work together to make GLF Africa 2024 a transformative event.


Marina Brunale