• Day 1: Tuesday, 19 December
  • 16:00-17:30

Land use change through behaviour change

Rare with Stockholm Environment Institute, Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)
Rights and equitable development, Food and Livelihoods, Landscape restoration
Wien 1 - 2

As the environmental agenda moves forward and gathers momentum, its success continues to rely on a change in mindset, as well as a change in policy.  This session will show the importance of the human factor – choices made by individuals conscious of their role in preserving the environment.

Approaches focused on positive behavior – whether they are farmers’ organic methods, or consumers buying fair-trade products – have had a strong track record of achievement.  Utilizing audience participation, vigorous discussion and real-world examples, this session will demonstrate the importance of behavior going forward.


Further readings:


Photo essay about the user-journey methodology: Clearing the Smoke 

No food security without fire – A blog by Caroline Ochieng


Stanford Social Innovation Review: How a Nobel Prize in Economics Could Help Solve the Climate Crisis (2017)

The Principles of Pride – The Science Behind the Mascots (2013)

Conservation Evidence: Establishing reciprocal agreements for water and biodiversity conservation through a social marketing campaign in Quanda Watershed, Peru (2013)

Video (SIWI Sofa): Power of Pride – Social norms for community-based watershed management (2017)

Video (Deutsche Welle): Overfishing in the Philippines – and one fisherman’s fight for changing practices (2017)

Presentations (PDFs)

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